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Focus T25

Hey guys!

So… it’s been a little bit since I posted last.

At that point, I was going strong on the 80 Day Obsession program, and I was just sure it was going to work. Well, it didn’t. Not for lack of a fantastic program (because I loved the workouts!!) but because I failed to follow the eating regimen to a T, and because I’m pretty sure I was eating too many calories (regardless of what Autumn’s meal plans said). I got FIT! I got LEANER! My butt tightened up! BUT… I gained weight.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s definitely an awesome non-scale victory!! But, my personal goals for this point in my life, seriously involve losing POUNDS.

SO! I’m going back to what I KNOW works: Shaun T’s workout program, Focus T25! (If you’ve seen my ‘About’ section, then you’ve seen what the program can do!) Monday April 2nd was day 1. I’ll be checking back in with you guys in about 4-5 weeks to let you know how I’m feeling after Alpha Phase is complete!

Comment/email/message me with any questions!


–Elle ♥  xoxo

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