So, this is me. Elle (short for Danielle) Middaugh ♥
I don’t know WHY everyone’s “before” pictures look miserable, but they usually do lol Maybe we truly are just subconsciously unhappy? (Or, okay, maybe it’s conscious – I mean, we ARE taking these pics because we’ve decided to make a change, right?)

Either way, I wanted to start off with a “before & after” photo BECAUSE that’s the most important thing. People want to SEE results before they’ll believe in them. They want to KNOW they can succeed before they invest in a product.
Well, these are mine (or at least, they were in 2014 before I had my 3rd child lol) ←THAT’S RIGHT! I got that body on the right AFTER having 2 kids!!  I did it by using Shaun T’s Focus T25 program from Beachbody. I lost about 25 pounds! I ended up in better shape than I was back in high school when I played tennis (about 10 years prior)!

I had a TON of motivation at that point in my life, though. My husband had deployed with the US Navy, and I wanted to look smoking hot for when he returned home! lol
My motivation NOW, is more subtle: I don’t like how I look or feel. I’m ready to put the work in and make a change.

Since then, I had a 3rd child, way too many carbs, way too much inactivity, and gained the weight back – AND THEN SOME. I need to lose about 40 pounds this time. How am I going to do it? Autumn Calabrese’s 80 Day Obsession!

In 80 days, I’m going to update this section, and you’re going to see a whole new me!
If you’d like to see a “new you” then, please, join me!! I’d love to have you along for the journey!